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Title: Giants

Box - 396 x 276 x 79 mm
Sales price: 49.00 €


Designer: Fabrice Besson
Illustrator: Miguel Coimbra

You portray in this game a Clan Chief during the Golden Age of Easter Island. The gameboard represents a simplified map of the island. The stone platforms represent the Ahus where the Moaïs will be erected, turned inwards towards land. Your clan is in competition with the others, and your prestige depends on the sculpting and transportation of more imposing Moaïs than the other clans. Each of your Figurines represents a group of men. You can increase your clan’s population if you wish. Every turn, you will choose which part of your population is dedicated to sculpting Moaïs and which part transports the statues, often in cooperation with other players. The transportation of statues from the quarries to the Ahus (the stone platforms) is done using Figurine paths and sometimes using wooden logs for assistance. You may also use your influence, represented by the Tribe Markers, in order to select the best statues and to mark with your color the statues that you are not able to transport during your turn. You can also count on your Sorcerer, who possesses many great powers, and on the strength of your Chief. You also may call upon the powerful incantations engraved on the Rongo tablets. The winner is the player that earns the most points, taking into account the position and the size of the statues erected by the player’s clan at the end of the game.

For 3 to 5 players, lasting around an hour, the game, GIANTS, will take you on an exceptional quest deep into the heart of the golden age of the Rapanui civilization. Become the most prestigious tribe chief. Assemble powerful Rongo tablets. Build the most imposing statues. Make the best use of your sorcerer’s powers. Become a living legend! Your tactical skills and your capacity to adapt quickly will make the difference, but don’t forget, building a moai requires teamwork. Propose your services to other tribes and benefit from their help. Your masterpieces will stand tall for centuries.

Game contain:

1 game board
5 tribe chief figurines
5 sorcerer figurines
30 sculptor figurines
30 Rongo half-tablets
14 headdress miniatures
17 small sized moais
12 medium sized moais
6 giant sized moais
30 tribe markers
5 score counters
5 screens
35 bases
5 banners
5 special dice
1 first player pawn
27 wooden logs
2 quarries tiles
1 pawn receptacle
7 forest tiles
One rulebook


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