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  • Takenoko on BGA
    Find your favorite Panda online with your friends on Board Game Arena!

    At the Japanese Imperial court, a long long time ago...

    After a long series of disputes, diplomatic relations between Japan and China are finally on the mend. In order to properly celebrate this alliance, the Chinese Emperor gifted to his Japanese counterpart a sacred animal, a Giant Panda bear, a symbol of peace.

    The Japanese Emperor has entrusted his court members (the players), with the difficult task of caring for the animal by setting up his bamboo garden. The players will cultivate the land plots, irrigate them and grow one of the three species of bamboo (Green, Yellow and Pink) with the help of the Imperial gardener.

    They will have to bear with the ravenous hunger of the sacred animal for the juicy and tender bamboo...

    The player who grows the most bamboo, managing his land plots best while feeding the delicate Panda will win the game.

  • Cyclades iPad
    Compete with friends on iPad. In ancient Greece, win the support of all-powerful gods of Olympus!

    Cyclades iPad is an adaptation from the boardgame designed by Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc and published by Editions du Matagot.

    This iPad game allows two players to travel to the Cyclades archipelago during the golden age of ancient Greece. With the blessing of the Gods of Olympus and the support of Mythological Creatures, recruit troops, build ships, erect fortresses and construct metropolises. The struggle to bring your people to their highest glory will be legendary!

    This version allows two human players to compete in a memorable battle.

  • Dice Town Mobile
    Can you meet the challenges of the wild west with your Ipad ?

    Somewhere in the wild west ...

    A gold mine, a land particularly favorable to the breeding of cattle, it was enough to attract adventurers of all kinds. A small town was quickly built close to these attractive places. But who will be smart enough to take control?

    Stranger, if you’re not a Tenderfoot come play with us or go away !

  • Discover Takenoko
    The story and the rules of the Takenoko board game on your tablet or your mobile phone!

    This App is not a complete game

    Discover Takenoko is a promotional app for Takenoko, a boardgame for 2 to 4 players for the whole family, created by Antoine Bauza and co-edited by Bombyx and Matagot.

    The app is an introduction to the game and its context. It was thought to allow players to learn the rules without reading the rulebook.

    If what you see in the app makes you curious, you can buy the game online ou in your preferred game shop.

  • Northwest Passage on BGA
    Go in the Far North in search of the Franklin Expedition

    In 1845, Sir John Franklin led an expedition on behalf of the British Royal Navy to find and explore the last portion of the Northwest Passage, regardless of the cost. The Royal Navy gave Franklin two heavy Ships (HMS Terror and HMS Erebus), filled with scientific equipment, 1000 books, a crew of 128 men, and enough food to last for three years. They left England in May and encountered whalers along the west coast of Greenland in August. There, they waited for more favorable weather conditions for the crossing of the Lancaster Sound. Once the weather improved, they sailed into unknown waters, and no-one ever heard from them again … Their disappearance provoked a great deal of turmoil in public opinion, and numerous British and American expeditions attempted to find their trail.

    As leaders of these expeditions, players must venture into these hazardous Arctic waters in order to discover Franklin’s fate and succeed where he failed: by finding the Northwest Passage.

    Goal of the game The game takes place over ten rounds of Exploration. Each round, players allocate their Crewmen to maneuver their Ships and Sleds through the icy maze of islands which make up the Arctic archipelago. During their journey, expeditions must survive the endless arctic winter, send out their Sleds to make observations, and wait for the ice to melt again. At the end of the last Exploration round, the expeditions which successfully return from this adventure will earn prestige from their discoveries and the progress they made.